Me… In a nutshell

IMG_2634I’m a Film Photographer, in this crazy digitally obsessed world.
I prefer the look, the feel, and the smell of film.  Something about it!  It just makes me smile.
Most of my friends, if not all my friends, are film heads!
They love shooting film about as much as I do.  Sure, many of us like to say, “The best camera is the the one in hand, and it doesn’t matter the medium, so long as you are able to capture it!”

Except, for me, I’d much rather capture it on film.  Not by some digital means.  I’ve lost a few hard drives over the years, and yet I still have all my negatives in great shape, stored in print files.  They are archival sleeves, and yes, I do go through them again and again from time to time.  What I should do is make contact prints of the pages of negatives so that I can also just look at the contact prints and say, “Oh yeah, I remember that one!”
So it’s a little easier to look at the image and not have to reverse it in my head.  Sometimes it is really hard to do that.

Plus, with the look of a digital camera..
vs the timeless classic design of a vintage film camera….


And it almost just becomes a no brainer!
I mean, film cameras have something that digital doesn’t. Character.. Charm… elegance!
Digital cameras are all plastic monstrosities that are, well, very disposable!  How collectible is a digital camera anyway?  I don’t think they’re very collectible at all.  Considering they have a finite shelf life, and once they fail.. they are delegated to the scrap heap.

Anyway, that’s basically me in a nutshell…

So.. keep those shutters firing!



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