You’ve Almost Reached Me!

You’ve Almost Reached Me!

ReflexDeltaScan-131020-0001+Scan0012.Me… In a nutshell

As my profile BIO says.  I am a film photographer in a digital world.
The thing is, I don’t actively maintain a WordPress blog, except in theory.
The blog you are looking for is actually one of these three…

Year on Film

My Gear

Through My Eye

Any one of those three blogs are regularly updated.  The “YEAR ON FILM” is updated far more regularly than the other two.  The GEAR blog is mostly reviews on different cameras in my collection.
As I get to know each individual camera more and more, I start to get more involved reviews.
Some I have reviewed thoroughly and most likely will not revisit the review, but if you’re looking for some comprehensive information on a camera in my collection, this is probably one of the best sources for the info.
Plus, my posts have been quoted on many E-Bay ads selling cameras, for people to do some reading up on the cameras before they purchase them.

NettarDelta0001+Scan-130827-0001Lastly, I do maintain posts on a 52-Roll project, which you can simply locate by clicking on the link.

I do hope you have enjoyed this short brief, and I look forward to your visits on my other pages!

And as always, keep those shutters firing!


About Michael

I'm a film photographer in a digital world. Sure, I have a pair of dSLRs and I do use them regularly, but I just prefer the look, the feel, and the experience of using a film camera. I got into photography when I was much younger (around 6) but never stuck with it like I should have. Needless to say, 24 years later I got back into it in a big way. Now I own more than 80 cameras, and counting, and shoot them all. From Agfa to Zeiss, it doesn't matter what it is, I will use it.
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